Container Type Diesel Generator

Engine: Powered by CUMMINS


Container Type Diesel Generator

1)Mindu container soundproof series generator set, use standard 20' or 40' container as the soundproof canopy

2) It's the best selection especially for large capacity generator set and power station outside the house

3) Container soundproof canopy standard accessories:

     a.Standard container canopy with 20' or 40'

     b. Built in fuel tank for 8-hour runnining

     c. Built in control panel

     d.Built in start battery

     e. Air louver for intake and exhaust

     f.Exhaust gas silencer

     g.Common weatherproof type

     h.Soundproof type

     i.Container trailer type

     j.Transformer for Optional

     k.Distributor Panel for Optional

Container type mute type diesel generating set

1.Container according to unit power size can choose 20 feet and 40 feet;

2.The whole unit can be directly as a standard container shipping, greatly reduce transportation costs

3.The Container crossbeam used square tube to improve the mechanical strength of container

4.It has a side door on both side ,have ladder outside, convenience to daily maintenance and repair

5.You can open the door before and after the container

theengine and engine radiator can be convenience to daily maintenance and repair 

6.The engine “three leakages” collecting system under the container is to protect the environment .

7.Control panel and output switch cabinet on the same side ,it is easy to operation and connect

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